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This was the former website of Blue Angel Aviation. The content on this page is from its archived pages dating between 1999-2011. Blue Angel Aviation was your Northwest Florida avionics repair and installation expertAuthorized dealer for BF Goodrich, S-Tec, Garmin, Narco, Electronics International, Shadin, Trimble/Terra, Arnav, Northstar, Sigma-Tek, IIMorrow and Icom among other brands.

Certificated Repair Station B4UR140N
2401 Executive Plaza Drive, Suite 8A
Pensacola, Fl. 32504
(850)478-7132 | Fax (850)478-7846


Autopilot Sales

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Autopilot Sales and Service

Blue Angel Aviation is leading the way in meeting all of your Autopilot needs. Are you looking to install a new Autopilot system, or simply repair the one you have?

Blue Angel Aviation has the technical staff, and the advanced test equipment required to meet all of your Autopilot system needs.

Blue Angel Aviation is a factory authorized sales and service center for Bendix/King, Century Flight Systems, and S-Tec/Meggitt. 

What is a Factory Authorized Sales And Service Center?

A factory authorized sales and service center is an Avionics repair facility that has been approved by the Autopilot Manufacturer, and the FAA, to perform installations and maintenance on their systems! 

What does it take to be a Factory Authorized Sales and Service Center?

Each manufacturer establishes what the minimum requirements are for a company to sell and install their particular systems, including special tools, line test equipment, and basic installation training. While every manufacturer has very specific requirements, all share in some common areas for the selection of a maintenance facility to become a service center authorized to repair their systems in the field, such as:

  • A Technical staff trained on the installation and repair of their systems;
  • A complete and current maintenance manual library;
  • Approved Bench Test equipmentalong with the required harnesses and special tooling.

What does it take to be a Warranty Service Center?

A maintenance facility must invest tens of thousands of dollars in very specialized test equipment, unique tooling, extensive training for the technicians, maintain an elaborate technical library on each piece of equipment, and invest in the spare parts needed to provided quick and efficient repair of your system.

In short, has your repair facility invested the time, and money, on the personnel, equipment, and spare parts needed  to maintain your autopilot system?

Blue Angel Aviation has!

We are proud of our technicians and their technical abilities to maintain many different Autopilot Systems. The Test Equipment our technicians use is top of the line, well maintained, and is factory approved. Our technical library is huge, the manuals are complete, current, and well organized. 



2009 News

Factory Authorized dealer for sales, service and installations

Aircell  Avidyne/Ryan International
Century Flight Systems
DAC International
Electronics International
Eventide (Argus)
 Garmin / GarminAT
L-3 (Stormscope/Skywatch)
Insight JP Instruments&Meggitt/S-TEC
Narco Avionics
Northern Airborne Technologies (NAT)
Precise Flight
PS Engineering
Sandel Avionics
Shadin Avionicsv Sigma Tek


2009 News


Do you have a Glass cockpit with analog standby instruments?

The reality to pilots is the new technology that comes with integrated flight displays like the Garmin G1000 and Avidyne EX-5000 changes the way that pilots are interpreting the information these systems provide. The drawback is that as pilots become used to the "Glass" and the transition back to the steam gages when the lights go out becomes a challenge. Replacing those steam gages with the new Trilogy ESI-1000 brings another level of safety and functionality, while providing the pilot a safer transition to standby instruments if there is a failure.

Blue Angel Aviation is your NAT Warranty Service Depot!

We are a Factory Authorized Sales and Service Center  for the United States.

Blue Angel Aviation is proud to be a part of the NAT Family!

The values, trust, and integrity that come from a first class company like NAT are also our core values.

NPX, AMS, AA, and all the NAT line are serviced to the highest levels. Click here for more information on NAT products.

Contact us for New sales and installation, Technical Support, and Repair Service on the complete line of NAT products.

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Warranty Info:

A warranty card is supplied with each unit with terms and registration information of the warranty. If the card is not returned to NAT, the warranty is activated from the date of shipment from NAT. If the card is lost or missing, contact NAT and another card will be supplied.

The warranty shall be void if the equipment is not installed by an authorized NAT Dealer in accordance with installation instructions, if there is evidence of mis-use, abuse, alteration, incorrect installation, or unauthorized repairs. NAT assumes no liability for any consequential damage caused by the installation, use, or mis-use of this equipment to any persons or other components.

Upon approval by NAT the warranty repair covers all materials and labour, but does not include any freight, customs brokerage or other handling charges that may be incurred to deliver and return the defective item. This warranty does not include the cost to remove or re-install the product or accessory in the aircraft or other mounting.

It is NAT’s sole discretion to repair, or replace with a new or reconditioned unit, within the warranty period any unit returned, freight prepaid, to an authorized warranty service centre. Such centres, only when authorized in advance by NAT, may return the part or unit to the factory for compliance with this warranty.

This warranty is in lieu of all warranties, expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness, and of all other obligations or liabilities on the part of the seller. NAT reserves the right to make changes, additions, or improvements in design to its equipment without obligation to install such additions or improvements in equipment theretofore manufactured.

Any NAT authorized Dealer is certified and qualified to perform warranty repairs to those products that the Dealer has been approved to represent. Equipment may be returned to any NAT Dealer, to one of NAT’s national warranty depots in the US, or direct to the factory.

IMPORTANT: Return Materials Authorization (RMA) Number required for all returns to the factory. All equipment returned to the factory must be shipped prepaid, unless otherwise agreed upon by NAT. Mark all packages and documents “CANADIAN MANUFACTURED EQUIPMENT RETURNED FOR REPAIR” and include the RMA number.